Benefits of Tallow Skincare Products

Benefits of Tallow Skincare Products

Naked Tallow, one of Australia’s top beef tallow brands, is now stocked on the shelves of Elite Organics. Their range of natural goods features unscented tallow skincare products like the Naked Tallow Cream, Vibrant Oil, Calendula Balm, and Naked Cleansing Bars. But what makes their product different from traditional skincare lines? Beef tallow sustainably and naturally offers an array of skincare and health benefits, which has contributed to Naked Tallow's continued rise in Australia.

The company originated from a passion project during their founder Nish's maternity leave. After months of meticulous trial and error, they perfected a tallow skincare cream with all-organic ingredients that became an instant hit as an everyday face and body moisturiser. Additionally, many customers have found Naked Tallow’s beef tallow products to offer relief from skin issues like eczema & psoriasis.

How are Naked Tallow's skincare products made?

Naked Tallow’s commitment to offering low tox, quality, and sustainable skincare makes it stand out in the beauty industry. Their creation process kicks off with locally sourced beef suet from Sunshine Coast farmers. This not only ensures their ingredients are free from synthetic additives like hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, it also helps local Australian producers.

What sets Naked Tallow apart is not just the quality of their ingredients, but also their production process. Tallow is rendered and purified beef fat that undergoes a meticulous process to transform it into a versatile skincare ingredient. The wet rendering process involves gently heating and filtering beef suet 4 times to separate the fat from any impurities. The final product is pure, smooth, and clean tallow.

Tallow's growth in the skincare industry

Why has tallow become increasingly popular in skincare? The answer lies in its natural compatibility with the skin. Tallow's molecular structure mimics the lipids found in the human skin, promoting better absorption and integration. It helps support skin health and maintain the skin's natural barrier, making it a fantastic choice for children, babies or those with sensitive or troubled skin.

How tallow promotes healthy skin

But what are the benefits? Tallow is a source of essential fatty acids crucial for maintaining skin health. These fatty acids play diverse roles, from aiding in moisture retention to cleansing, softening, moisturising, and even contributing to wound healing.

In addition to offering moisturising benefits, Naked Tallow skincare products are also nutrient-dense, containing fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12. These vitamins address various skin concerns:

  • Vitamin A - Acne & Congestion, Pigmentation Appearance, Wrinkles, Aging Skin
  • D - Anti-inflammatory, Brightens/Lifts Dullness
  • E - Reduces Dryness, Itching, Flaking
  • K - Prevents Collagen Degeneration, Smooths, Tightens, Plumps
  • B12 - Maintains the Skin's Natural Moisture Balance

Where to buy Naked Tallow skincare products?

Discover the benefits of Naked Tallow for yourself. Available to purchase at Elite Organics – a natural, low tox, low PUFA choice for those seeking effective, sustainable, and time-tested skincare. Your skin deserves the care and nourishment, crafted with a lot of love. Skincare that goes beyond the surface.

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